You can easily lock a folder with this folder lock software. It is very secure. Your files will be password protected. its easy to lock a folder now.

folder lock download

There are several application for folder security but this folder lock software is easy to use and secure. The user interface to lock a folder is also easy and you’ll see a vault. The good point is that locked folder vault will be hidden and encrypted. It provides two options. Either to lock a folder on encrypt a file or folder. Please note encryption is better option. As encrypted file cannot be revealed if other operating system is mounted or if some one gets your hard drive.

lock a folder

But the folder which is only locked with password and not encrypted can be compromised. As the operating system in dual boot can still see contents of folder. So encryption is better than password security. After installation first create a master password and then remember it. Easily right click on folders and lock them. Note that remember the master password of your folder lock software. Otherwise you may never reset it. Try it to write it down and save it on safe place. It will help if you’ll unlock folder after a long time.

Download Folder Lock

By clicking on the button below you can start download folder lock latest | get into pc full and complete setup. Also install file extraction tool like Winrar in your computer because mostly files are consist of Zip, RAR or ISO format.

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